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Whole Egg Powder

Whole egg powder is high-quality nutritional balanced food and also the fine good additives. 
It has good emulsification, gel, foam, water features and can be applied to all related egg-adding food process. Such as cakes, biscuits, chicken powder, instant noodles, ice cream, salad dressing, noodles, solid beverage, pet food etc. 

Egg Yolk Powder

Egg yolk powder is rich in lecithin, the protein and other nutrients, with its excellent emulsifier and good expansion, color matching, run-mouth and adding fragrance, it is widely used in a variety of products, such as bakery products, cold products, spices, mayonnaise, infant food, etc. In addition, it can drive butter and egg lecithin applied to medicine and health food.

Egg White powder

Egg white powder is made of pure egg white. It has the characteristics of desugarization, deodorization and quick dissolution. At the same time, it has good features, such as gel, foam ability, water retention. Thus it is widely used in many industrials. Such as meat, minced fillet, bakery products, flour products and candy products etc. In addition, it is also widely used in textile, pharmaceutical industrials etc.